Thursday, May 29, 2014

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker June 2015 Update

Free Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

poweramp full version unlocker
PowerAMP Music Player for Android

Poweramp is arguably the best and most powerful music player for the Android platform.Trusted by millions. Often imitated yet never duplicated. 

PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker Statistics

1. More than 170000 Google Plus
2. More than 5 million downloads from the Play Store.
3. Amazing 4.7 / 5 rating from thousands of reviews.

poweramp full version unlocker apk
PowerAMP famous equalizer features

PowerAMP Full Version Features.

PowerAMP boasts a variety of features that make it better than the rest of other Android music players. Some of PowerAMP full version features are gapless playing, customizable crossfade, large music format support, customized themes, and more. But if there's one feature that is PowerAMP's trademark, it is the built-in amplifier and equalization options that is virtually unparalleled in the Android universe.

Poweramp is a very powerful app and as expected, it isn't free.You can get the paid version of PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker from the PlayStore. We love PowerAMP and if you can afford it, we recommend you to get it. But if you want to try it longer (PowerAMP trial lasts for 15 days) or simply cannot afford it, we will provide a free copy of the PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker APK on the link below.

PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker Instructions

Option 1 - Easy Way

1. Download the PowerAMP Full Version Package below.
2. Install the PowerAMP Main APK File.
3. Install the PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker APK to remove the trial limit period.

Option 2 - Using Lucky Patcher. Only use this if Option 1 somehow don't work for your phone.

 1. Install PowerAMP Main APK. Do not run yet.
 2. Install PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker APK. Do not run it.
 3. Install Lucky Patcher. Do not run yet.
 4. Run PowerAMP Main App
 5. Wait for the welcome notice to appear.
 6. Close PowerAMP. Go to Settings > Apps. Find PowerAMP and choose Force Stop.
 7. Run the Lucky Patcher and choose the custom patch.
 8. Run the PowerAMP now. Trial should now be extended forever. Happy listening!

PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker Download Link

poweramp full version unlocker download
PowerAMP Full Version Main Installer link

poweramp full version unlocker download
PowerAMP Full Version Patch Files link

Download the latest PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker for free. This is our own APK file that we paid via Play Store. Feel free to share our site to your friends that want to download PowerAMP Full version as well!

PowerAMP is infamous for being very hard to crack compared to other Android apps where you could just download the APK File and install. Poweramp's verification system is harder to unlock as each PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker from the Play Store is set to be usable on a single device only. But worry no more as we had modified the APK files so anyone could just download and install it easily!

poweramp full version download
One of PowerAMP Skins/Themes

Here's a video demonstrating how to install PowerAMP full version with unlocker using one of the methods above.

I have used Poweramp Full Version since I first had my Android phone 2 years ago. I tried different music players but I keep on coming back to Poweramp. That's how good it is. So download Poweramp Full Version Unlocker right now and see it for yourself!